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The bane of all humanity. The single most infuriating game ever created. It will build up your hopes only to shatter them. It will leave you with nothing. It will end you.
Kyle: Dude, have you played 2048?
Matt: No, what is it?
Kyle: Well, you see, it's-

flappy bird game internet viral death danger addicting
by TheRealGinge April 14, 2014
A game in which you slide boxes with small numbers to make boxes with large numbers and try to make a box with the number 2048 in it.
I beat the game 2048 last night because I have no life.
by Gamemaster March 31, 2014
A game of impossible skill. So much epicness is required to beat this game that most people die.
Billy died from an epic overload while playing "2048".
by Chickenisthecoolest April 05, 2014
That one puzzle game that nobody can stop playing
Man 1: Hey man, you look tired.

Man 2: Hell yeah, I spent the whole night playin 2048.
by gabrielecirulli March 25, 2014
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