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while using your smartphone, an app or widget unknowingly uses up a ton of your data leaving you feeling as tho AT&T has just raped you electronically
I left pandora on all night and it data raped the shit out of me.
I try not to use the GPS on my phone too much because it will data rape my ass.
by TheAlmightyGROG August 24, 2010
8 4
Government or individuals obtaining personal information which they then share without your knowledge or consent
I've just been data raped. I need to get a handle on my facebook settings
by ms medusa October 09, 2010
13 1
Where marketing information about you is collected and/or shared by misleading or surreptitious means.
That website looks ready to use, but after I gave all my info it says they're not ready yet and that they'll let you know when they are. Totally got data-raped there.
by Todd Sieling December 04, 2007
7 4
Using a persons data without consent.. aka fucking them over by misusing their personal data in a way that was not consensual. Often accomplished with droofies (see droofies).
You: "WTF Facebook!?!"

Friend: "What ?"

You: "All I remember is last night I went to bed and no one could see my personal info on my facebook profile, and then this morning I woke and everyone could see my birthdate, social security number, credit card info .. AND my asshole hurts."

Friend: "Dude.. you must have been data raped by Facebook. I bet they slipped you a droofie."
by justlikealltherest July 22, 2011
3 1
the act of violating individual or public privacy to such a level that it becomes the subject matter of conspiracy theorists and urban legend.
Mitnik totally dataraped the CIA. He's got all their nazi weapons files.

Facebook makes $35,000 off of each members profile - total datarape dude!

I stole the bosses phone and dataraped his contact list. I uploaded all of em to
by livebythesword January 27, 2012
1 0
When someone forces their number into your phone and includes themselves into your online social network.
Dude, that chick earlier...She data raped me.
by Flannal December 01, 2010
1 5