diarrhea fart; so when you fart diarrhea comes out can be related to blart cart part and fart
i was sick with the flu when i darted
by buttbum April 17, 2009
When a dumb blonde actually think a blowjob means that you blow on the penis while it is in her mouth, Causing a male queef or dick-fart.
Sally you are supposed to suck not blow you gave me a painfull case of darts
by Matchew March 02, 2007
1. Keith says, "Look at that dude with them mix-matched shoes." Simon says, "Keith, you are such a DART."
by LOLLOL October 15, 2006
A very sharp object which can kill. Can be used for going kilimozaha.
"Did you see that dude throw the dart? It went all the way across the football field! Good thing it didnt start anyone kilimozaha.
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
dick fart.
i have to dart so bad! you mean fart? no, dart!
by taylor4 July 09, 2010
a tight verbal line contained within a rap or freestyle.
1. that dart he just spitted was on fire!
2. my darts can kill an emcee within 5 bars
by Da Dark Side August 10, 2005
smoke, jiggy, cancer stick ,a tobacco cigarette
"hey man, you got a dart on ya?"
"darts, lets go!"
by jennie-may August 29, 2007

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