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A retard - 3/4 of brain is made up of flem-glands
Appears in many comic strips, as a superhero...flem-man
With his superior flem glands, he can swing across buildings with trails of mucus.
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? FUCK! ITS DART! *gets out a tissue* "
by Peter/Bub - THE COALITION May 08, 2004
5 19
adj. to casually have sex with a North dublin woman
you after dartin' Lyndsey or wha'?
by Chev Riley October 12, 2003
9 23
The act of one person inserting the middle finger on his hand into a female's vagina cavity while on the dancefloor.
"Mahmoud i can't believe you darted that non muslim girl last night!"

"rohit, these women are hairless!"
by dj polak August 31, 2009
16 31
A word used to indicate a particular mood depending on your situation.
We drew the worst team in our league in the cup, excellent darts!

We had a surprise test in class today, bad darts like
by paikman October 23, 2007
6 21
The name of a skilled first person shooter player. Usually spotted in Counter Strike.
Holy shit Dart! Your L33T
by Suicider October 06, 2003
4 19
a small penis
hey bob look at that dart!
by iwillhityou May 11, 2010
2 18
Dick Fart. Similar to a female queef. Usually takes place after the removal of a catheter or other object from the penis after being left in place over a prolonged period of time.
"So I was in the hospital after my car accident, and the nurse had just removed my catheter. Well I had to fuckin' piss like a race horse on steroids after she removed it, and weirdest shit happened after I got done takin' my piss. It's like my dick had to dart and get the extra air out of my bladder...ya know...like a little dick fart."
by DBallz_3 April 16, 2010
3 19