Her eyes remind you of the ocean. Her personality is a masterpiece you can get lost in. She makes you happy you can breath, just so you can inhale her beautiful imperfect soul.
Daria is my everything
by I Love you 63637 September 27, 2013
Daria Is the Most Beautiful and perfect girl anyone could ever find, She has the cutest and most radiant smile you could ever lay you're eyes on :) She has the eyes of an angel Big brown and beautiful ;) Once you look into them you're troubles just seem to slip away, You'll never meet a girl like her She has Amazing skills as an artist even her quick sketches are just like WoW! Her personalty is just perfect she's so easy to get along with she has the sweetest and cute sounding voice i love her accent even when she say's Erww to you ;) No one could ask for a nicer girl to enter there life she really is a dream come true, i wouldn't trade being you're friend for all the money in the world,

You'll Always be my little cutie Daria

by Dris September 09, 2013
An amazing girl with low confidence, she's beautiful and loves cats to an extent it's scary. She's afraid of loosing her friends and because of that she get's into small fights a lot. She will fight for her friends but even if the 'friend' is only a daughter of her mothers friend she will put up with her even if she's compleatly annoying. She loves the german yogurt and hates this weird russian verison of soda. She's fragile and likley to cry over her friends but is still strong.
Boy:Woah!! Look at Daria today!!
Girl: I know I'm so jealous of her!!
by TodayIsForInsanity August 07, 2011
A very good cake song.
I wont be soothed.
by The manatee December 30, 2003
Whoever said that Daria was very gurlie/preppy and a bitch (IF u were referring to the same daria), You are SO wrong. Daria is VERY nice and an AWESOME friend to be with and talk with. Your just jealous because she's pretty and has lots of friends..unlike you STACEY and ???
Daria's awesome.
by Ashley January 11, 2004
hot and passionate sex between teens.
The two highschool students went into the bedroom to experience some daria.
by urban dict March 02, 2008
It just wasn't quite as good as Beavis and Butthead, although Mike Judge did a fairly good job with the Daria show. Too bad MTV didn't give him enough time to work on the show before kicking him out :^(
Daria: Quit standing on my neck.
by AYB July 26, 2003

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