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The true meaning of what it is to be a high-schoola'..Never givin a fuck about no one or nothin. Never gettin' involved in shit. You hoes need to stop standin' on her neck
Mystic Spiral Kicks AsS
by master_shake August 06, 2003
The Music Industry's Savior
by master_shake August 02, 2003
The feelgood movie of the year (not really) about my personal vendetta with hillary duff....We don't got beef. I just want to kill the ho for even being on TV...
How will I do it......Sword...AK...EXPLOSION
by master_shake January 02, 2004
Short for "Holy Fucking Shit My Bitch What Teh Fuck?!!" My litte acronym since all you internet muthafuckas wanna come up with retarded shit like that
WHAT?!! You're 25 and still in the 9th grade?!!! HFSMBWTF
by master_shake December 23, 2003

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