clank I am Batman
I will kick supermans ass
by - January 12, 2004
Top Definition
A hairy primate hick from the backwoods of Wisconsin. Known for his hairiness and his hickiness. Proceed with extreme caution and utmost prejudice against this ape-man-guy cuz he probably smells.
DarMonkey is hairy and ugly and a hick.
by DarMonkey January 29, 2004
uses the alias Xi2. a man/monkey with large, humorous lips sometimes used for travel, and to attract mates/final fantasy players. is often seen at the beach, surfing on his lips. pet-size darmonkeys will hang on your shoulder when sailing through the caribbean.
"You best start believin' in Darmonkeys,
by T & H January 08, 2004
A beast from the dark unknown, it puts chaplip on his hugmongous were-lips every year for 24 days. This chap-lipped behemoth is practically indestructdible unless your arsenal of weaponry contains watermelon or live chickens for him to feast upon.
Were-lips; Huge, hair out of proportion lips from the Congo
by Unknown January 09, 2004
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