A word to describe a gentlemen caller who wears a pin stripe suit to The Macaroni Grill with a fancy tie and matching pocket square. This gentlemen usually kisses on the first date...but just the hand. Often says "I wanna hold your hand"....listened to too much Beatles music as a child.
Waiter-" Oh my sir, you are looking quite dapper this evening....would like to hear about our specials here at The Macaroni Grill?"
by Dapperdan0486 February 15, 2011
Top Definition
A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish
Oscar, you look really dapper tonight
by dvd October 10, 2003
Blaine Anderson
Blaine's dapper smile lit up the room
by Hanabanana123 May 15, 2011
a well-dressed person
you're such a dapper;
dressed like a dapper
by xenia November 12, 2003
having features that elevate respect, elegance, romance, sexiness, and most of all, charm and style.
Dapper men in media history include Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Darren Criss, Robert Redford, and Christopher Plummer.

Men with beards and a top hat in the 1800s are the origin of a man being considered "dapper".
A dapper man is a gentleman, and will pay the bill on a date, appropriately respect a woman and compliment her when a compliment is needed.

He is like a hipster in the sense that he does not need to try to have a keen sense of style in the appropriate setting.
Darren Criss is the most dapper man I have ever seen.

O my gosh! Did you see how dapper Darren Criss was on glee?

I love when Astaire dances! His moves are so dapper!

My boyfriend proposed to me as the sun was setting. He is so dapper!

Why can't any guy on Jersey Shore be dapper once in a while?!
by starry-eyed-starkid April 26, 2011

1. neat; trim; smart: He looked very dapper in his new suit.

2. Blaine (Warbler) Anderson (played by Darren Criss) on Glee, a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers.
Person 1: Hey have you seen Blaine on Glee?

Person 2: Yeah, he's so dapper.
This is a synonym for spiffy, jaunty, natty, and rakish.
1. Stylish or well dressed
2. Slang: cool, great, wonderful
1. You look absolutely dapper in that shirt!
2. OMG! That game is dapper!
by Jen I. Afer February 25, 2006
A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish
Good Morning Pooter your looking dapper!!!

~House Bunny
by Sassy Pig March 12, 2009

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