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1.A very swanky and neatly-groomed man.
2. Grease used for hair purposes.
He's such a Dapper Dan, with his shoes shined and hair moussed back.
by Pantseh March 02, 2004
When a guy is lying down and a chick teabags his forehead. The chick then uses her ejaculate to slick back his hair 1950s style.
"She totally gave me a Dapper Dan!" *handshakes friend*
by cahootsk December 05, 2009
A term used to describe a pinch of smokeless tobacco.
largest size pinch you can take.

Im going to put in a dapper dan.
by coryweon October 26, 2009
A man's man. A dude who is insanely gnarly and not a total jerk. Very rare to find but a total keeper.
I don't want a FOP, goddamnit. I want a Dapper Dan man!
by DTKLAMF May 09, 2008
USAF radio code for command post or any other station that somewhat has command over something. Not used in UHF communications band. It is mostly the VHF tactical communications band (30 to 50 MHz)
Dapper Dan, this is alpha six, we have the enemy engaged.
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 07, 2003
When a dude lies down and lets a chick ride his forehead like a symbian. The chick then uses her ejaculate to slick back his hair 1950s style.
"Man, my boyfriend passed out while going down on me last night so I dapper danned his drunk ass."
by Jack...Jack Nasty October 13, 2009
At common law, when DP gets DP'ed.
"Those guys Dapper Danned the shit out of me."

"This Con Law is killing me, I hope I get Dapper Danned"

"I've got the mens rea to get Dapper Danned".
by Double Dan February 26, 2010
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