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A dick that hits your ankle.

An enormous penis that runs down your thigh and reaches your ankle.
Girl's at a club: "That guy looks like he has dankle budge"


In Bed: "Wow, you have a dankle *gasp*"


Whisper Song: "Wait till' you see my dankle
by Dominican Doctor September 27, 2012
When a guys dick is so huge he must tie it around his ankle to keep from stepping on it.
He walked funny because his Dankle was tied too tight
by Ira, Wendy, Scott, Jason June 14, 2009
When a skinny girl stands with her legs together, the dankle is the gap between her thighs just below her crotch.
Damn, look at the dankle on that one!
by Eric Portland April 01, 2007
Ankles covered with sticky resinous green leaf particles as a result of a particularly long and productive dank clipping session.
Damn, dude, them dankles are a dead giveaway -- better put some pants on 'fore you go down the hill for more brew and baggies!
by Atlatl August 17, 2006
to have sex with your underwear dangling around your ankles
be careful not to fall if you dankle.
by uchiwalla October 23, 2006
the awesome term that UCI Cielo 04-05 uses.
"that shirt looks dankles on you!"
by cielo February 09, 2005
when one takes both a dump and a tinkle during a single session
I just dankled and it won't flush.
by Reno E. June 11, 2008
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