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Anagram of NAKED.
I see you and I just say, danke and know I mean naked
by Flowers June 07, 2003
Thanks auf Deutsch
Danke fur mein koch rauchen Translation: Thanks for my cook smoke(verb)
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
Chatroom slang for "Thank You," usually used alone on a line.
(Aop sets mode +v StupidChatter)
StupidChatter: danke
by entivore October 06, 2003
Calling someone or something danke means, thats soo cool, awsome, sweet and sometimes means it's funny.
"Wow who is that hot guy over there," " he's so danke!"
by Laurlaur06 March 27, 2010
Danke means 'Thank you' in swedish. Pronounced (Don-Kuh). Not to be confused with Dank which has a meaning of high quality.
Would you like some aebleskivers?
Danke! I'll take five.
by Greg Junell March 08, 2006
Danke, a slang term used for Dancing Mat games, commonly of the cathegory Dance Dance Revolution.
Term used mainly in Finland, origin of word unknown.
We and some friends had a danke-game last night.
by Andro Gynecol July 25, 2004
Something that is cool, chill, and the like.
That car is so danke!!
by ash February 16, 2005