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Thank ya
person 1: the answer is 5318
person 2: Danka
by michi_ak June 05, 2009
91 41
slang for "thanks a lot" when you've just scored a nice Dank sack.
"I must be going now, DanKa!"
by Gemilie August 14, 2006
101 96
Short for "dank ass" (dank meaning awesome, cool, good quality, or potent)
That was some dankas bud we just smoked.
by dubskee July 02, 2007
4 2
This is the name of a mysterious (?) monkey race , often seen with vodka and drunken russian race called Wal-Demar .
I beg you to keep an eye on ppl. who act like these 2 , and dont let the "DanKa" telll stories about "..uhuhuh i'm looking damn good in this jacket.."
"girl:Oh my fucking god i've seen an DanKa, there behind the monkey ass !
by ReqR December 22, 2004
35 128