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The word is portrayed from when you are high and you are with a friend, and you just found out something amazing ie: the best tasting food, Best koolaid, or how you just feel awesome in general. this is one of the many stoner words for this feeling as in Chillin like a Villan high as a kite or just dank phat and bitchen its word that means how simply awesome something is at that moment.
Guy1- Dude i just made this Dank a Tank koolaid, TASTE this shit!!
Guy2- HOLY SHIT! this stuff is intense!

Guy1- Wow this is the best feeling ever
Guy2- i know man its soo dank a tank.


Guy1-yeah dude I never knew how good this ramen and butter is.. its just~ simply... .... uhh... .???
Guy2- Dank a Tank?
Guy1- yeeaaaahhhh......

by Naulty December 04, 2009
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