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a container, usually a glass mason jar, that is used to hold high quality marijuana. the marijuana within also takes on the 'dank tank' as its primary nam.
Pancho! I just got some Dank Tank get ready like what!
by Androp September 24, 2006
meaning swedish tank; a volvo.
John:Dude, you're going 60 into oncoming traffic!
Rob:Don't worry, were in a dank tank.
by chahleh February 27, 2005
a name for a 1970s Buick Roadmaster with fake wood side panels, ususally in really shitty condition; the seats are very comfy with a couch-like setup in the middle seat row.
Steve : "Bro, look at that, there goes the Dank Tank."
Enrique : "Holy ass! That thing is dank!"
by McSackdrop August 25, 2010
A large garbage can that has had the bottom modified to be able to hold a large bowl of atleast an ounce of weed.

You then place the upside down garbage can on top of a swimming pool. while someone holds it stable. someone else swims underneath the trash can and breaths pure refreshing ganja.

This is called a dank tank.
Dude, come over tonight and we'll blaze up the Dank Tank in my pool.
by captainBDChammer April 15, 2011
An adjective used to describe something that is intensely nostalgic or old school.
Hey man did you see that video of me blowing up a Buick with a shotgun?

Yeah man, that was pretty dank tank.
by Slangsultan November 05, 2011
A concept civilian BurningMan vehicle, shaped like a tank, and smelling like dank.
"Hey i found a blunt on the playa floor", "kool, lets roll in the Dank Tank"
by Drvktr September 19, 2006
The tank on top of the water cooler holding Planet Earth brand water, the best bottled water to be found on the face of the planet. Purity of Essense
After a long night of drunken revelry, I awoke to the urge to drain the contents of the dank tank in order to rehydrate.
by water boy January 16, 2004
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