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i mean come on if you wrote calenders from the beginning of time dont you think you would have to stop at one point? shit would you like to sit around all day and write a fucking calender untill the end of time.. some dude must of just got tired and went and did somthing else with his life.

fuck dude.. calenders are gay lets go hunt for some food.
I already wrote like a billion, lets just end at 2012 see what people will think.
#2012 #end of world #apocolypse #naulty #boardem #death #calenders #mayan
by Naulty March 22, 2008
also known as being a "Pulling a Simulator" or "pulling a Jake"

1) The act of always! Correcting people when they are wrong (no matter the circumstances). Pulling a "Simulator" you will always fight over the most tiny micro sized subjects. which can result with words/phrases such as "owned", "your a fag", "your gay" and my personal favorite "you like boys". (yes the usual, But being a "Simulator" is also known as being plain/old school)

2) In this stage of pulling a "simulator" has many after effects also known to the human body as the following: Being an ass, Always being right, Anger, Headache, Groin pains, and Greasy hair.

3) and the third and final stage of being a "simulator" is, If you ever you get into a fight. You cannot "hurt" the other person. So instead of punching/hitting, you insert your index and middle finger into the anus of your opponent and drive your fingers as far as they will go. after the fight is over you stare at your opponent. this counter attack is also known as "fishies", this move is very effective against straight guys.

*has no effect on women or gays*

All in all, If some one attempts pulling a "Simulator" it can be the worst thing that happens to your day
stage 1)
person 1:-dude hows it goign?Simulator: hahaha you spelled going wrong you faggot!
Person 1:-big deal?
Simulator:-haw haw haw you suck at spelling
Person 1:-nobdoy cares?
Simulator:-your a faggot stfu!
person 1:-your cool
Person 1:-yeah.. not really
Simulator:-You like boys

stage 2)
Simulator:-dude like my new pants?
Person 1:-no, they make you look like a girl
Simulator:-no there f$#!ing sweet
Person 1:-yeah if your gay
Simulator:-dude these pants are awsome, you just wish you could have them.
Person 1:-yeah I Know.. Hey i totally forgot you wanna go the the pen pub later while were wearing our new pants?
Simulator: you suck at life shut up.

Stage 3)
Person 1:-*hits the simulator*
Person 1:-*hits simulator harder*
Simulator:-*gets into attacking mode*
Simulator:-AHHHHHHHH *like a girl*
Simulator:-*drives fingers into butt*
Person 1:-only defense is to hit and pungh as hard as they can
#simulator #simula #jake simula #jake #fishies
by Naulty March 16, 2008
the act of being a homo like dancing in the snow.. or puting your fingers in somes butt while they are doing something
dude thers that jake kid over there and hes totally being a simula right now..

what a fag!
#simula #last #name #homo #fag
by naulty January 21, 2008
The word is portrayed from when you are high and you are with a friend, and you just found out something amazing ie: the best tasting food, Best koolaid, or how you just feel awesome in general. this is one of the many stoner words for this feeling as in Chillin like a Villan high as a kite or just dank phat and bitchen its word that means how simply awesome something is at that moment.
Guy1- Dude i just made this Dank a Tank koolaid, TASTE this shit!!
Guy2- HOLY SHIT! this stuff is intense!

Guy1- Wow this is the best feeling ever
Guy2- i know man its soo dank a tank.


Guy1-yeah dude I never knew how good this ramen and butter is.. its just~ simply... .... uhh... .???
Guy2- Dank a Tank?
Guy1- yeeaaaahhhh......

#best feelings #awesome feelings #dank a tank #dank #bitchen #chillin like a villan #high as a kite #phat #intense #rockous #rockin #rockn #rocking #awesomeness #awsome #head rush #gnarly #yeaaahhh
by Naulty December 04, 2009
Ass-Blood is formed fromt the meaning of when you wake up the next day after a wild night of party going, and you wake up to realize that your wallets been stolen, your wedding ring is gone, your naked tied to your bed by your tie and pantlegs, and you can only seem to recall buying a hooker that night. little to your surpise what you thought was a hooker was actually a Tranny and you fine blood on your ass or also know as ass-blood.

when you see somebody you dont like and they have horrible acne or just an discusting face, you should and will call them an Ass-Blood for beaing a total discrace to everybody that you were sitting by at that time.
Guy1: dude i have no fucking idea what happend last night!
Guy2: well do you remember anything
Guy1: well i remember renting a hooker from main and central
Guy2: WAIT! main and central!? dude check your ass! thats where the trannys hang out!
Guy1:*puts hand by ass*

Guy1: Dude that ugly Tony kid is comming, hurry up duck!
Guy2: Yeah man hes such an Ass-Blood!
Both: *Duck*
#ass blood #ass #blood #ass-blood #tranny #hooker #prostitute #prostitutee #cod #dick #buthole #acne
by Naulty December 04, 2009
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