the biggest fagget in the whole fuckin world
that guys a right danish
by assdas October 19, 2009
means everything and absolutely nothing. Used mostly in the southeast.
1.Stop bein a danish! 2.My danish ran out of gas this morning. 3. Her behind is just danish.
by Ray J. August 09, 2007
Another form of the word dank or something that is as good as it gets, the best
that car right by the gas pump is danish
by mAGIK bUS July 06, 2005
the at (@) symbol
by mainframe October 31, 2003
Another name for the rectum A.K.A. Asshole.
"Dude, I really want to ram her danish!"

"Yo, man I LIKE your DANISH"

"When you're asleep, I'm going to put it in your danish."
by Camrytoyota April 25, 2006
noun: a house cats anus

verb: to penetrate a house cats anus
The cat's danish is sticking out a little.. perhaps you should let it out?

I can't wait to danish that pussy.
by t3s April 16, 2007
Adjective: to be from a country that does not have any impact on the world whatsoever. Danish people pride themselves on having the highest incidence of downs syndrome in the world, thus explaining their equally great affection for wooden shoes.

Noun: a pastry consisting of cheese, dough, and one too many chromosomes. Common cause of downs syndrome
1: hey who is that guy?
2: him? he's Danish
1: ugh who cares, i hope he chokes
2: so does everyone else!
(high five)

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