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1. Verb: the process of a Danimal making hot sweet tender love to a lady friend named Edna.

2. Verb: to be treated t to PWNage in the realm of European History by the Danimal.

3. Verb: When someone falls in love with the Danimal and he rejects/accepts/doesn't-give=-a-clear-answer-but-agrees-to-being-given-fellatio.

3. Verb: the process of being Marxified.

4. Verb: the actions committed by the Danimal while the song "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye plays.

5. Verb: to be ravaged viciously and without mercy to the point of pleasure by the Danimal.

6. Verb : the Danimal's act of inflicting pleasure/drunkenness/shame/heartbreak/pregnancy onto an individual.

7. Adjective: the effect of the Danimal's mating call.
Hey, I'm really sorry Cassandra, but when you deal with the Danimal you should expect to get Danimalized....
by The Danimalizer March 31, 2011
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