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Dan·i·mal Dan-uh-muhl


1. Any male named "Dan" with a unique ability to be the life of the party or consume copius amounts of alcohol and remain functional in social settings.
The night really sucked until Danimal showed up!
by budlightlime March 11, 2010
A group of individuals which thrive off hilarity, drinking, and dancing. This particular group uses the term LSF both to mock the GDF and to credit Lynyrd Skynyrd for being a complete badass and virtuoso musician. The origin of LSF is unknown, although there is a largely known population of LSF residing in Columbia, Missouri. The group grows and stretches to individuals around the country. LSF is currently active, the members are likely to be partying, drinking whiskey, or passed out from partying too hard the night before. One of their drinks of choice is Bud Light Lime, which is most often shot-gunned in the morning, right after they rise. LSF is likely to be seen at your average festival. You can find an LSF member easily... Just look for the nearest group of loud hippies with alcoholic beverages in their hands who seem to be haggard/dazzling.... One of them are likely to be yelling "LSF" or "FREE BIRD OR DIE".
The Lynyrd Skynyrd Family sure is composed of some wild individuals, Bob!
by BudLightLime July 25, 2015
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