Very hot brit actor who made me swoon when he was in the bath...;), he needs better velvet is not nor will it ever be sexy... Other than that he has been the object of many a daydream for me. He also needs to admit that he and Emma have a thing for each is so obvious! that Daniel Radcliffe?! And is Moaning Myrtle hitting on him?!
by astrogirl January 14, 2006
AN interesting guy, but probably nto as good as Rupert Grint. BUt Daniel RAdcliffe, we still luv ya!
It's that guy from Harry Potter, u know, Daniel RAdcliffe!
by Hermy G October 05, 2005
A pathetic pretty-boy joke of an actor who is ruining the Harry Potter movies. He was only hired because he's attractive, and yet looks remarkably unlike Harry.
Voldemort: Now give me the stone unless you want her Lily Potter to have died in vain.
Daniel Radcliffe: Never! in fake British accent and overemotional.
by Ilana January 21, 2006

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