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A storage device about the size of the ring finger.
used to store digital information.
I used my jumpdrive to transfore the text file from my computer to yours.
by neon_fro February 04, 2005
1.Unhealthy atraction to fire.
2.Study of random human acts of stupidity.
3.No purpose what so ever.
1. Man that mike guy has a major neon.
2. I am a neonologist.
3. That was about as neon as you can get.
by Neon_fro December 11, 2004
A place where the school is poor and the whores run free. Another name for frozen hell. a place with no malls, and a fat guy who wears shorts in the winter.
Man its coopersvillen in here.
by Neon_fro December 11, 2004
Science feild in which one learns how humans operate in certain settings, and learn how to aid people.
see therapist
i had to take a socialology class in collage.
by neon_fro February 04, 2005
Pretty boy who is the star of harry potter. Can act somewhat but not by best choice of actors.
TJ gets all red and giggley when he sees Daniel Radcliff and he has to go to the bathroom really fast.
by Neon_fro December 11, 2004
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