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To get excited by a gadget, or cool technical detail.
Brian got a nerd on looking at Joannes expensive new stereo system
by Foxo February 06, 2005
1. Unnecessarily large excitement over technology/science/anything about which one is a nerd. The mental equivalent of hardon, hard-on
2. A hard-on caused by a new piece of technology
'That new network router has given me a total nerd-on'

'I'm getting such a nerd-on reading about that 14th century architectural movement'

Geek 1: Oh man, this new cooling system has just given me a ten percent boost on 3Dmark.
Geek 2: Stop, You're giving me a nerd-on
by clareds March 18, 2005
1. A hard-on that only nerds get.

2. A rude name for a person/persons exhibiting nerd-like qualities in a manner that succeeds only in scaring normal people.
1. "That new Zelda game totally gave me a nerdon!"

2. "Good god! Why do you have to be such a friggen nerdon?!"
by EmyInYourMind March 15, 2011
the act of being turning on by nerdy situations
The guys looked over his textbook and winked at me. What a nerdon!
by JAAC December 13, 2010