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Middle English daunger, from Anglo-Spanish dangier, dongier, shortened from modern American English word "Dangerous" or through pop reference "Danger Dan"

21th century

1: Exceedingly lazy to the point of causing physical and mental atrophy.

2: Causing extreme repulsion and olfactory damage by creating unpleasant smells.
1. "(while high) I feel sooo Dange today"
1. "Do you see that bum asking for money? He must have been Dange earlier in life."

2. "That skunk totally Dange'd my dog this morning"
2. "Wow that outhouse smells like Dange"
by Fdizzle May 07, 2007
When the moisture that perspires (or sometimes squirts) from a female's vagina, usually from stimulation, smells or tastes bad.
"I'm telling you Bro, she was such a babe, but once I went down on her, she had the nastiest case of the dange. Shit was so sour
by Dimm December 09, 2013
sketchy, bad news, questionable, inappropriate, crappy
Did you try those soggy meatballs last night? They were so dange.
by Jessica Hicks April 06, 2007
Extremely awesome; very cool. Usually used to describe objects and events, not people. (Pronounced as DAHN-jee)
Snoop's concert last night was DANGE!!
by Manny Bananahammock December 02, 2005

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