A decent comedian who has had an unfortunate amount of haters due to allegations that he stole jokes and whatnot, despite there being no sufficient evidence of him doing so.

Some comedian who was relatively unknown before this incident occurred by the name of "Lewis C.K." came out of the woods, and stated there were similarities in jokes. While this may be true, the man has no dates to back up when he said these things, or even evidence they are the same.

Dane Cook is known for his extremely crazy behavior on stage. His wackiness adds to the mood of most of his jokes. He uses observational humor, usually stating things nobody ever really noticed about the small things in life.

Dane Cook has the reputation of being one of the most hated comedians by fellow comedians and by many other people. This is due to the fact that he has been accused of joke stealing, as stated above. He's one of those people you can either watch, or just ignore.
Dane Cook: Did you ever get a really itchy asshole?

Louis C.K.: This is sure funny, I might just come out and say I first said this joke just so I can achieve some fame, despite my jokes being extremely boring and mediocre.
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by Da Milkman May 18, 2009
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The Gallagher of our generation. Dane Cook is a "comedian" that everyone seems to love despite his extreme mediocrity. His amazing lack of jokes combined with his ability to run around the stage like a five-year-old without his meds appeals to anyone without a soul or any knowledge of comedy. His trite and obvious observations contain no punchlines and often appeal to people with short attention spans.
You ever go into the bathroom and everything is WET? The floor is wet! The counters are wet! Everything's wet!

-Dane Cook

Uh... could it be because people piss on the floor and wash their hands aggressively?

-Andy Kindler
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by Illusion February 19, 2007
A terrible comedian who's known for stealing jokes from earlier, talented comedians such as Louis C.K. universally reviled, only teenagers with half a brain think Dane Cook's funny.
I can't believe you like Dane Cook, you probably like Carlos Mencia too.
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by chinaman February 15, 2007
Standup comedian famous for his wild stage antics and the creation of the hand gesture known as Su-Fi. He has performed many venues including television specials and night clubs. He is also a member of the "Tourgasm" comedy group and recently released a comedy CD.
Dane Cook is so funny I wet myself.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 21, 2005
A chuckle-at-best of a comedian who will disappear as quick as he came. 20 years from now, he'll be as memorable as Yakov Shmirnoff or Paula Poundstone. You may have already forgotten about him and his stolen, tired act by the time your done reading this.
guy: what the hell is wrong with your hand?
dude: it's the sufi. You know.... Dane Cook.
guy: Who?...oh right that guy. (pause) I hate that I know you.
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by 90% Airzooka August 19, 2007
An overrated actor/comedian who isn't the least bit funny and is known for stealing his jokes from Louis CK. all he ever does is swear a lot and tell all these uninteresting and unfunny stories about his pathetic life, expecting people to laugh. Plus he's a singer, but a very, very bad one.
Dane Cook: Why do they call bananas bananas? Shouldn't they be called FUNanas because theyre fun and they're full of deliciousness? Isn't that like the point of eating a banana? Well that's why I eat a banana now STEP OFF!

Retarded audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That Dane Cook.....
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by Truelove February 26, 2008
I just took a massive Dane Cook
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by Miked? January 22, 2009
A stand-up comedian who has become popular as of late. Known for his wild stories and eccentric manner. He is one of the newest comics on the rise. He has released two CD's, "Retaliation" and "Harmful If Swallowed." Has also appeared on numerous TV shows and had a minor roll in the movie "Waiting."
That Dane Cook is a silly bitch.
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by SeanMurface April 10, 2006
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