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To suck on and lick a man's penis. Proper technique includes synchronized fondling of the balls with the left hand and stroking of the dick with the right hand to the pace of mouth movement. When deep throating, begin to hum and moan, to produce desirable results. This will drive him crazy. When he does orgasm and begin to cum, swallow the milky ejaculate and lick it off of him.

What do you do to dandelions? Ponder that.
Girl: I'm going to give my boyfriend a dandelion for his birthday. *nudgenudgehinthint*
Friend: Congratulations! Be sure not to use your teeth.

Gymnast: Look! I'm so flexible I can give myself a dandelion!
by yourmomyesyours December 15, 2009
someone who recieves an excess amount of head. a person that is constantly recieving blow-jobs
They call me dandelion because im always getting blown
by ACursiveMime April 27, 2008
Noun. Elderly waif man that can't carry an umbrella for fear of being swept away mary poppins style.
Fred Weaver was walking with Dr. Jackson during the nor-easter when that dandelion got picked up by the wind.
by August 13, 2010
Somebody that is beautiful on the outside but bitter on the inside.
She's such a dandelion (ie:looks like a flower...but they're actually a weed)
by Jacksjoe May 31, 2006
"Hey do you guys wanna give me a dandelion?"
"Sure, everyone gather around & on the count of three blow at the same time."
by heetee! May 19, 2010
it means "i love you"
it is from the book smack.
gary stares into biancas eyes and says "dandelion."
she slaps him.
and says this aint cho babii.
by blubblubblub January 29, 2008
A bastard blossom, a parasitic pansy, an annoying destructive weed which can be fermented into decent wine.
The word "dandelion" is derived from French, and means "lion's tooth" because of the dandelion's toothed leaves.
by nethcev! August 23, 2006
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