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Greek Goddess, also a incredibly hot white female who I now Love
Gotta love that Danae
by Randomguywhotalks August 24, 2009
283 87
Noun: a beautiful, sexy, wonderful, kind, careing, lovable, and alltogether awsome girlfriend, who is also a songwriter. Also a very good name to write poetry with, due to the large number of words that it rhymes with. She is also a great muse to James, who loves her very much.
O Danae,
what can I say?
I love you more,
With each passing day.
by Jimmmy D DJ December 06, 2010
139 62
One of the coolest characters in *Non Sequitur*, one of the coolest comic strips around. Noted for being preternaturally intelligent, satirical, independent, clever, and sardonic.
Wow, if Danae from *Non Sequitur* ever grew up, she'd be you. I'm happy to know you.
by DancingKali April 10, 2011
63 34
Old scottish saying meaning queer sailor.
that guy over there is danae.
by ugabugga June 13, 2007
92 237