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Amnesia with Tourettes Syndrome added in. Swearing up a storm and not remembering why.
I don't know why I was swearing last night, must have been damnesia.
by Trent Kuver May 07, 2008
when a good looking girl walks by you forget everything which is a severe case of damnesia
my buddy stopped mid sentence from a case of damnesia when the hottest girl in school walked by
by Tyler Call March 25, 2007
convienently forgeting something
She knew good and well she didn't pay her tuition, she just got damnesia!
by Denise Richardson March 20, 2007
When a person does something outrageous while inebriated, then dosen't remember it the next day.
You were so wasteds you almost got in a fight with a guy twice your size! You wouldn't stop hitting on his girlfriend! You got damnesia, because I was like DAMN when I saw that!!
by king_mike June 17, 2009
A punk/metal/ambient/crust band from Athens, Ga. They have been together since 2005.
Damnesia is a band made by mixing ambience with hard, fast, insane changes topped off with dual male/female vocals.
by MISTRESS DISLEXI April 28, 2008
When you swear so much you don't even realise you are.
Jenny: Motherfucking bitch! God, I wish that cunt was dead.
Mike: You swear a LOT.
Jenny: Really? I guess my damnesia is kicking in.
by Anna Nomis August 29, 2008