1. A song by youngbloodz
"If we dont give a damn, we dont give a fuck!"
by Michael April 23, 2005
Adjective. Used to describe an attractive individual.
1. Damn girl, you so damn.

2. Baby, you look so damn in those jeans.

3. Shannon was looking really damn tonight at the party.
by unicornomelet September 27, 2011
1. Damn is a word that defines a annoyed expresion.

2.another word for damn is dang, and fuck.
1.Mom:Go to your room!

You:Damn it!!!,

2.Damn you!!
by :) December 09, 2004
1. To pronounce an adverse judgment upon.
2. To bring about the failure of; ruin.
3. To condemn as harmful, illegal, or immoral
4. To condemn to everlasting punishment or a similar fate; doom.
5. To swear at.
3. a cleric who damned gambling and strong drink.
by Sam429 March 12, 2004
A swear that you say to decribe all different emotions, such as...damn mad, damn sad, or damn happy
God damnint why the hell did i have to walk in on my grandman taking a shower!?
by Maria August 18, 2003
Astounded, in either a happy or unhappy way
DAMN, that chick's hotter than the colonel's spicy wings
by Tisu March 09, 2003
Noun - An Expression of frustation or anger. Sometimes Excitement

Verb - Be Dammed - Be condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell.

Also - Not Giving A damn - Not Caring about sth or sb.
Damn ! I hate him.
Turn the Damn thing on.
Vampires are damned.
" Frankly My Dear ! I Don't Give a damn "
Ask me if I give a Damn
by The One 777 January 09, 2011

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