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Verbal expression of being excited, surprised, disappointed, ect; The act of being like damn...
Excited-Shaniqua: Madd coped a quarter. John: Damn...

Dissapionted-John: Yo what would you do if you knocked over the bong. Shaniqua: I would be like damn...
by Kasdjjn January 08, 2011
5 1
Dont Ask Me Nerd
Kyle-"What do you want to do?"

by Calls December 29, 2009
4 0
The word uttered by afros when they see a black hottie wit a big booty
All the guys were like damn! when they saw that fine piece of ass.
by JJ BUCHS August 08, 2006
15 11
Don't Ask Me Nothing
please D.A.M.N... I'd rather things stay confidential.
by Demarso May 23, 2009
4 2
1. A word that one describes with great zeal when something obvious, dumb, or a moment where one should chillax.

2. Expressing shock in a situation.

3. Sometimes used upon viewing an ugly chick.
1. Jeff Creason: "Damn dude, chill your balls man"

Matt: "Ight man take it easy"

2. Homie: Damn lookiedat dawg!

3. Homie 2: I don't know homie, she pretty ugly. Damn.
by Matt S. Desmore July 27, 2009
5 4
1. A cry of anguish
2. Sentence enhanser
Q: What did the fish say when he ran into the brick wall?
A: "Son of a bitch!"

Woman, go get me a damn sandwich before I scissor kick your teeth down your throat.
by Scott Greenwood January 23, 2007
7 6
Too, too much.
It's damn Hot. (it's too hot)

She's damn sexy (too sexy)
by Viden February 04, 2014
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