To condemn of hatred to the lowliest depths of hell. Like most curses, it can be used in many forms.
Verb: Damn you!
Adjective: Turn that damn music down!
Sin: God damn you!
by Dr Nick November 21, 2002
A mild swear word; used when one is afraid to use "shit." Similar to "crap" but without the defecation meaning.
Sh-... Cra-... Damn! I just got bad grades in my report card!

darn, crud, crap, shit, son of a bitch
by dangnuggets January 20, 2016
Not a real cuss word but it sounds a Hella lot cooler than saying darn
”hey, whats up?”
”that damn bitch dumped me”
by bitch ass punk December 06, 2013
A word for all purposes
1. Damn, my dog shat on me
2.I dont give a damn
4. DAMN, that ass :D
5. You slept with me girlfriend? DAMN YOU
6. Why you so damn ugly?
by IDidYourMum December 29, 2010
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