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a name dalis is very unique name for a person not alot of people are named dalis.
dalis a insecure shy girl who sweet, beautiful,unique,different sensitive she's funny,random,Spontaneous and really kind to people,she loves learning new things,she tries her best to make people around her happy, she not like any other girl you'll meet if your friends with a girl name dalis she will always got you back for anything no matter what she's a good friend, get know dalis and you'll never regret meeting relationships she's always loyal,she love doing activities withe her lover, she's a mischievous girl most likely to settle down with ,if your dating a girl name dalis your one of the luckiest persons
you really don't find a girl name dalis around so if you know one your lucky person
is boring in class until dalis came the fun begins.
dalis is weird and fun she made my day.
by anonymousssss12 January 05, 2012
A name given to only a select amount of girls worthy of such greatness. They are generally Georgian and a bit short. They have two weaknesses: directions and canadians.
Some dude #1 - You know Dali?
Some dude #2 - no
by jayomayo September 11, 2013
When you are very exited about something that just happened
jack just made a really hard basketball shot, as he saw the ball go in the hoop, he screamed "DALI!"
by coolperson147852 January 24, 2010
1. Simple word to be used in any situation, i.e. when calling a friend (preferably in a public place), as the subject of an email, when scribbling on a notepad.

Preferred use depends of the context

When written as a miscellaneous, unnecessary word in an email, use its 3l33t sp34k form, i.e d4L1.

When spoken, you should use a high-pitched town and say something like daaaaaaallliiiiiiiiii. Needs to be long as the most common use of it is to sound annoying (only towards one chosen person, who actually does not need to be present to use the word).

Better results are usually obtained when the word is used repeatedly by a group of people.

2. A question to which the answer should immediately be a fag.

3. A fag.
A: I'm sorry for not coming last night.
B: You're such a d4Li...
A: Haven't you had enough of saying that?
B: What, dali ? You're such a fag for not coming anyway
A: I know. Stop saying that !
by sideral August 31, 2005
A girlfriend that is very undecisive, uncertain. Dali can be a woman with many personalities. With you she might treat you like a king but around others your just a dick. Dali talks very bad about you to her friends hence not liking you. Dali can be just a waste of time.
Should i ask Dali to be my Girlfriend? Nah bro she's a bitch !
by john1234m February 25, 2012
A girl that makes herself throw up because she thinks shes fat. Dalis's are also short and bitchy to others so they dont have many friends. Dalis's also cant be trusted in relationships because they are known cheaters
Did you hear what Dalis said to day no wonder why she only has 1 friend!
by urbanbeauty October 08, 2009
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