A television series that ran on CBS from 1978 until 1991. The series focused on the Ewing Oil and the disfunctional Ewing family. The main characters were Jock Ewing, who was the patriarch of the family and the founder of Ewing Oil, his wife Miss Ellie, who was bred on SouthFork Ranch, and their three sons: J.R., Gary, and Bobby. J.R. was the main villian, who had tendencies of greed, deception, and pure evil. He was bred by his father to be an Oil man. His younger brother Gary was more artistically inclined and was favored by Ellie, but on account of his sensitive attributes he was driven away by J.R. and his father. Bobby was the youngest and the "good-guy" who competed with J.R. over Ewing Oil and also took care of the ranch. Other characters include Pamela Barnes-Ewing, Bobby's wife and the daughter of Willard "Digger" Barnes, who was Jock's former partner and friend, and Cliff Barnes, the son who vows revenges against the Ewing family for his father's losses and also contends with J.R. for power. The show has the all-time favorite cliff-hanger: "Who Shot J.R.?"
Dallas was a great show, though Knots Landing was kind of boring. It's too bad Gary didn't stick around on Dallas and kick J.R.'s ass.
by Chris Ewing July 23, 2005
Top Definition
Only tha best city in Texas; d-town
Dallas city, sin city, my city.
(Put em' up!!)
Throw dat D up in tha air now
(Put em' up!!)
Representin' 4 my city
Dallas Texas
by Hot Hood Chic November 19, 2006
the most amazing guy you wll ever meet. he is always there for you when you need him. and you have to love him. hes the nicest, cutest,funniest guy you will ever meet<3 hes the boy of your dreams and just to see him smile, makes you whole day better<3
yeah dallasis a keeper
by ramblers#4 January 07, 2012
The Texas city with a little bit of everything, but not much of anything.
Star Jones said she wants to live in Dallas. That's got to amount to something.

by Steelo J. February 21, 2006
Some one who is special in your life. His a real bad ass, but when his near you...he's someone different. This is someone you don't wont to ever loss. Even through you have an amazing friendship, things can't happen with Dallas. He is loving, caring, and sadly a drugy. But don't change him. He's that one person who you would die to have sex with!!!!
by SecretLover1996 December 05, 2010
The best city in Texas. Got everything you need in a city. People talk about it not having scenery, but all that does it keep you from taking scenery for granted. Plus you won't find any of those stereotypical hicks here. Leave that to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, and especially all those small towns... their all tight too just not as sweet as D-Town.
Jimmy always wanted to go to Dallas, too bad he's dead
by stewwman November 16, 2006
Most Beautiful girl you'll find. She is unique, loving, caring and kind. She is like a Queen. She is gentle, and like respect. You will not find a finer woman. She is a great lover.
That girl is a Dallas.
by THExBEAUTIFUL March 09, 2010
One of the sexiest men on the planet!!!!!!!!! He is the hottest frickin' Greaser in the world!!!!!!!!!! He's from The Outsiders
Person 1: Which movie charcter do you think is sexy?
Person2: Dallas from The Outsiders!!!!!!!
by lovinggreasers January 24, 2010
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