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The most bangin' rappa eva! She drops da phat beatz and spitz betta than fiddycent. She's so hard, she rolled up on her own crew and shot 'em!
Person 1: Oh, did you hear the new Dahv song???
Person 2: Oh, '187'? Isn't that a remix of a snoop song?
Person 1: Yeah, but she does it better.
Person 2: *Shoots person 1*
by 1337404 March 14, 2005
32 30
A little girl who tries to sing and rap but she can't. All of her fans are 5 year olds and she's signed to Disney.
Go to www.dahv.com and see for yourself! She's so talentedLESS!
by BenJelenFan December 23, 2004
38 89
N Talentless Singer; Hopeless; One who "Dahv's" or "Pulls a Dahv" when recording a song.

This negative term is derived from the poor quality of her music, appearance, and publicity. This is an insult mainly used when someone "Fucks up" or "Makes an ass of themselves."
"Man, you just pulled a Dahv on THAT track!"

"You tolly Dahv-Bombed that one..."
by Crazy_Goat January 06, 2005
26 86
Some bitch that gives blowjobs to celebs to pose with them. Her father is Daddy Warbucks and she lives in a bunker 10 miles under the surface, where reality can't scar her priveliged mind.
"Hey, I got that new Dahv CD!"
"Oh, now you're gonna get it."
by Polarx January 06, 2005
16 87