slang word for a cigarette, plural: dags
"Hand me another fresh dag."
by Mww December 20, 2005
when you shat all over your own ass and the crap drys randomlyon your ass hairs
oh man i had mexican last night and boy when i got up and had a crap it left dags on my ass
by Rubin June 28, 2004
its a n acronym that means "Do a Google Search"
<Action> anyone know where i can get a goooooood trivia bot from?
<elf> dags
by niq January 03, 2005
That chick is so dag
by Brad Granberry June 27, 2003
In 61081 zip code Of Illinois the word Dag is used to refer to a ciggarete usually when bumming.
Hey man got any dags.

Can I score a dag off you cuz.

lets go for a "ruz" and get some dags bra.
by Tombah July 07, 2005
Another word for friend
when speaking to a friend. - "What up dag."
by Matt Larson June 22, 2005
Stands for Dumb Ass Girl. Girls are DAGs when they do stuff like act like they smoke and then don't even inhale or other dumb ass stuff like say the Awesome Vipers are small dicked pussy bitches. Girls are especially likely to be DAGs if they are assigned to sit next to me in pre-calculus and their first name is Christina.
Yo Mikey, I did it! I put DAG on the internet. It's in the freaking dictionary, it's totally offical now. How freaking awesome is this? Now everyone in school will know the AV lingo! We are so freaking awesome! Awesome Vipers all day every day baby!
by One half of the Awesome Vipers September 04, 2006

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