In poker, this term refers to making a bad play against the only one at the table who has more chips than you, thus risking your tournament life on a move that has zero or negative expected value.
"Your all-in move on the turn with second pair against the chipleader was such a dag"
by Eirik Mistereggen December 27, 2005
when you shat all over your own ass and the crap drys randomlyon your ass hairs
oh man i had mexican last night and boy when i got up and had a crap it left dags on my ass
by Rubin June 28, 2004
its a n acronym that means "Do a Google Search"
<Action> anyone know where i can get a goooooood trivia bot from?
<elf> dags
by niq January 03, 2005
In 61081 zip code Of Illinois the word Dag is used to refer to a ciggarete usually when bumming.
Hey man got any dags.

Can I score a dag off you cuz.

lets go for a "ruz" and get some dags bra.
by Tombah July 07, 2005
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