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The dominant bitch in a group of women. Similar in concept to an alpha wolf. Usually one can tell at a glance by how she acts and because the lesser bitches are deferring to her.
Guy #1: Damn, that chick is hot!
Guy #2: Naw, man, that's the alpha bitch. She'll have your dick in a jar in 30 seconds.
Guy #1: Tru dat.
by Aristoi June 25, 2004
An alternate term for a person's anus.

Popularized by the group The Frogs.
Here comes the watermelon seed up my snoot snout and that's your asshole, your snoot snout.
by Aristoi June 15, 2004
Etymologically incorrect singular of megaFLOPS.
I think what he meant to say was the computer ran at 1 megaFLOPS.
by Aristoi December 03, 2004
v. The act of lol'ing at something you've already seen that was funny the first time, out of politeness. Typically occurs when receiving pasted links via instant messenger.
Friend: omg look at this awsome pic i jus found on the intertubes!!!!
You: relol
Friend: jeez u seen evrything u jaded bastard
by Aristoi March 18, 2008
A dog, as pronounced by a fuckin' pikey.
You like dags?
by Aristoi May 13, 2004
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