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An Australian slang term.
A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheeps tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.
It is not necessarily a derogatory term in modern useage.
I'm a bit of a dag today, I'm wearing my trackie-daks
by Random September 03, 2003
going from the new zealand meaning - a clown
term used to describe people with a good sense of humour and can actually take a joke!!!
Guy Sebastian's Dag Squad - a group created by dag girl for daggy Guy Sebastian and hot30 fans - dag rankings done by dag girl aka queen dag
"you're such a dag"
"daggus mcshwaggus" - nicknames
"schwiggity shwag diggity dag" - language of the dag squad
also dagette - term for a partial female dag (usually for girls under 16 lol)
Guy Sebastian is the king of the dags
lame in a goofy old person sort of way
the aussie says, "you girls are dag!"
by ssmegss June 21, 2005
Acronym for Devil's Advocate Group, a group devoted to political moderation through the use of unethical or humorous debate techniques, and bad jokes. Noted for their devotion to devilish imagery and drug references.
Man, I thought that guy was actually a nazi, but he was just playing DAG.
by FUNKbrs November 30, 2004
slang for chill and funky
"like yo dude, this jazzy house track is dag"
by julie May 07, 2004
A dag is very similar to a dog but is in fact no where near a dog. He looks like a dog and is kept a pet like a dog, but he is way cooler. He's really smart and obedient. He likes to lick and play but only when you want to because he knows when you are busy and doesn't want to annoy you. He likes to chew on ropes that you get for him even though the rope gets destroyed and it makes a mess all over but you get them for him anyway because he's a dag. He likes to cuddle and he's really warm. No matter how many times you beat him or yell at him (even if it's just to relieve stress) he will apologize by licking because he loves you and all he ever wants it to be loved too.
oh by gad you're such a good daaaaag

shut the fuck up you stupid dag

cubeer dag
by RhinoG91 March 09, 2011
A person employed to remove the crusty pieces of excrement found hanging from a sheep’s arse or the pieces of excrement that are not removed by fail of personal hygiene.
I would rather eat the remnants of peas, carrots and cabbage soup contained within the ‘dags’ of a homeless mans arse then feast upon the prawns and lobsters with management at the Company Christmas party.

Or the dags on my arse feel like hemorrhoids.
by Sean Ambrose January 29, 2008
mike dags is undefined. he wanders through life without a purpose, without people who genuinely like him, and without any talent in any area whatsoever, gay, creepy techie who likes to take pics of girls asses and then claim not to have done it, who talks to tim for maore than 10 seconds, doesnt shower, wears orange, looks like a xmas tree
mike dags is a flaming homosexual
by Patty Ken December 06, 2006
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