the sexiest puerto rican nigga that ive ever seen
Damn i really want to go see Daddy Yankee in concert
by la_chula April 14, 2005
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A great reggaeton artist who has great songs like "Gasolina" "No Me Dejes Solo" "Dale Caliente" and is featured in "Oye Mi Canto" with Nore and Nina Sky. Born in San Juan raised in Santo Domingo, no idea where hes livin now. You can see him on mun2.             
by Reggaetonist October 22, 2004
One who cannot speak english nor spanish.
Daddy yankee:
A ella le guta la gajolina!
It's "gusta" and "gasolina" dumb ass.
by Adrian July 15, 2006
Male circumcision
Abraham Fishbone visited Doctor Krantz for daddy yankee
by Clearly Dave September 03, 2008
The next worst thing next 2 ja rule
Daddy yankee is a gay fagg like ja rule xD
by Was Nivek September 12, 2006
the world's hottest puerto rican. he is the king of reggaeton. He has like a million haterz after him because all the ladies love him. He is best known world wide for gasolina, prende, lo que paso paso, and much more.
born on feb 3,1977 in rio piedras puerto rico. Vanessa loves daddy yankee
by vane4dy December 17, 2009
a queer who cant speak english,wears tight fitting caps and garbles out words over a repetitive and annoying beat, made a song with snoop dogg and made a song about gasoline because of his apparant lack of creativity.

un-documented refugees from cuba and PR see him as if he were God
you: did you hear daddy yankees new song?

me: yes i did, i enjoyed trying to decypher what the hell hes trying to say
by tha truth teller July 15, 2006
a rapper of the reggaeton genre of music and he pays ppl to make him famous..and he backstabs. he is married and has 4 kids...but he is fine as
l= U { l<
who's dis...? Dad-dy Yan-kee
by La Gata Fiera April 19, 2005

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