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Western U.S. slang, similar to Dadblastit and Dadgummit, used to express frustration or annoyance. This word was often used by Hoss of TV's Bonanza series.
Dadburnit, my horsie ate up all my grits!
by Norman December 05, 2003
A playful twist on "God Damn It."
Sometimes used by church-going folks to curb the usage of the original phrase.
(Hits thumb with hammer)
Dad burnit!!
#burnit #dad burnit #dadburnit #god #damn #god damn #goddamn #goddamnit #goddammit #god damnit #dammit
by Kab00m August 01, 2009
Local yokel redneck-speak for "goddamn it"
I said git over here- dadburnit!"
by steven September 09, 2003
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