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The alcoholic virgin roman Goddess. She was a virgin because she was afraid to love again after her first love. She was famous for her sex appeal and her wonderful personality. She had a beautiful heart and body. She had a low self esteem because her face wasn't usually as beautiful as her heart. Her heart was the most purest and truest of the lands.
The Dacia goddess was SEXY and she didn't even know it. Too bad she has a low self esteem.
by SamOohBadaBAM November 09, 2008
A word that infers that something is cool, awesome, or hip.
"You just got a hundred dollas? Thas dacia!"
by Lil RayRay March 23, 2007
1. An old civilization in Ancient Europe

2. An absolutely amazing, sweet, funny, spotaneous, sometimes sarcastic, loving, beautiful in every way, green-eyed brunette who loves photography and urban outfitters. Her style deserves to be in vogue and in every teen magazine. She is short, but that has no affect on her big personality. All the guys love Dacia, even the losers, but she's confident that one right loser will find her someday. All I can define Dacia is as....(all of the above) and there is probably more. She's just amazing!
Girl: Oh who's that chick with that beautiful skin and hair?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Dacia, isn't she sooo freakin' gorgeous!
by 12345678Whodat?! June 01, 2011
Usually a girls name who is beautiful,quiet,smart and usually sassy. She see's things as they are and has a I don't care type of attitude even though she really does care.
Her name is Dacia and she lives up to the definition of it
by Rugrat86 February 28, 2015
Used to describe someone that is obsessed with TV. A person that is called a dacia usually likes shows that focus on fat people and dislikes shows based on people with no teeth cutting down trees in the woods.
"You have been watching Half-Ton Teen for 7 1/2 hours, you are so Dacia"
by Awkward Turtle25 January 24, 2010
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