a snot-nosed little cracker dipshit who got his ass kicked so many times around da block his moms had to go around sucking our dicks so that we'd stop. We didn't. His retaliation: acting a fool on this web site.
Little red riding hood is scared of niggas!
by venusflytrap January 18, 2005
Top Definition
A lowerclass neighborhood like Compton run by gangs, like the Bloods & the Crips.
Yo bitchass muthafucka don't b messin' round herrre! I'm from da hood bitch, so I know what's up!

by Andy Bora January 22, 2005
One's neighborhood in the ghetto. A neighborhood that is controlled or is a territory of a gang.
The ghetto itself.
aye homie where ya hood at?
da boogie down nigga, BONZville ya heard!
by G.C. da MC June 05, 2005
a rough neiborHOOD were people walking there dogs might get popped in the ass by mistake
yo im from da hood so u best not mess with me
by Ryan April 02, 2005
High density publicly funded housing in which poor, destitute slobs fester.
I ain't got no ride. I live in da hood yo.
by TheShiznit March 28, 2003
Basically those 7th grade gang kids, chyeah they pretty much wanna mess with us. They must be messed up they know they can't take us. They also only role the halls during class periods, and the morning, and during after school activities, but NOT AT NIGHT! So chyeah
1: Ahhhhhhhhh... shit it's da hood!
2: Quick make your gang symbol!
by Eric April 28, 2005
DA hood a place where niggers get shot in the ass
i live in the biatch
by layne February 17, 2005
the neighbourhood....like...dis is ma hood! as in this is my neighbourhood, you on the wrong side of town brotha
213 is ma hood!

whats going down in da hood tonight

Jimmy got shot while he was visiting da hood
by Josiefuckinrules August 03, 2006
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