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Commonly-used acronym to describe a "Dumb Yuppie Cunt," whether it be your manager at the office, or you editor that cannot hold her liquor at magazine fundraisers.

DYC's tend to be female, but the term may also be used reflexively to describe uppity gay males.

DYC's are of the Disney Generation, born between 1979-1985, and may also be referred to as the "Children of Reagan."

These adults share a warped sense of self-entitlement, and are disgustingly self-absorbed - i.e. They will try and fire you for a conversation that "may or may not" have happened last month w/ another co-worker.

DYC's are also incredibly insecure, emotionally-crippled people that resort to passive-aggressive behaviors because they fear actual confrontation.
My editor morphed into a total DYC after five vodka gimlets, and couldn't form a coherent sentence at last night's fundraiser for Haiti.
by Ari Archer February 07, 2010
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Dirty Yeasty Chank - A disgusting and irritating person with questionable morals and behaviour
*Dirty - Unclean physically, into criminal behaviour
*Yeasty - irritating, causing unrest amoung others or infected and foul-smelling
*Chank (Chunky + Skank) - overweight, low class whore
Stay away from her, she's a DYC. It's catching.
You don't want to hang with her, she's just recruiting for the DYC club.
My brother's new girlfriend is (a) DYC. I told him pack some penicillin with his penis pump.
by Jeri Gan September 16, 2005

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