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Dealing With Shit. The process of identifying and working out how to deal with shit that life throws your way. Stress levels are normally high and you tend to put off DWS until it reaches high levels.

Also referred to as 'De Dub S'
"Im sick of DWS, i need a holiday!"

"Why am I always the one De Dub S?"
by Depleted July 20, 2009
a case of Driving While Sexy, when you get pulled over by female or male cop because you are too sexy. You are usally body searched afterwards! :)
Henry:Yo, last night i got pulled ova by this lady cop.
Henry:Cuz i was too sexy, man. No homo tho.
Felipe:O yea! DWS? rite? yea its happened to me too.
Henry: Yea DWS. I love it tho.
by DWS December 08, 2006
Drunken Whore Syndrome.
1.(n)A serious illness a person contracts from being a Drunken Whore.
2. (adj)Used to describe a person who is frequently sick, much more than normal due to being a Drunken Whore.
John: "Why is Dave sick so much more than us?"
Gary: "It's because he gets more action than we do"
John: "Ah, DWS"
by Joe Bruin May 01, 2006
Do work son (usually on a girl)

Widely used in the Metropolitan Yeshiva Community..
Mike: yo man I'm going out tonight with that freshman bitch..
Jon: Yeah sounds good DWS(Do Work Son)!
by skins0320 March 21, 2009
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