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Dense Wavelength Divisonal Multiplexing
DWDM is the techonology used in optical amplifiers, such as EDFA
by Masteradam September 25, 2006
Dense wavelength division multiplexing (Wikipedia). Basically, a scheme for carrying oodles of channels via optical fibers; one fiber carries many different "colors" (wavelengths) of infrared light, and each "color" is a separate communications channel. See Wikipedia
wavelength division multiplexing for more info., including Coarse WDM.
DWDM -- See the Wikipedia article. Not found in homes, and won't be, for some time, most likely.
by Hillarion of Sudbury May 13, 2011
fastest modem speed in the world.
some supercomputers have DWDM connection.
by mike July 06, 2003
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