A term meaning "jerk, or man-ho, or bitch-ass-nigga" quoting my friend Tyrone and his brother Michelangelo.

It often is used between friends as a joke.

It is also spelled; D-Wad, Dwad or "D" Wad

Also meaning someone is a dick, but not a full dick, so they are a dick wad; or piece of dick.
Tyrone: Youre a bitch-ass-nigga.

Michelangelo: Well Youre a D Wad
by ... WTF is a pseudonym? August 23, 2008
Top Definition
In order to successfully 'Dwad' you need at least 2 male particpants (3 if you wish to perfrom a "Double Dwad"). One male will penetrate the 'Dwader' by inserting his flaccid or slightly aroused penis into the recipeints ear canal. As a side option, the penetrator may rest his scrotum on the recipeints face for added stimulation. The "Double Dwad" involves penetration of both ears and is not to be performed until the singular Dwad has been mastered.
"He was getting a little out of hand, so I had to Dwad him"
by "Friends" July 20, 2009
-short for "damn workers ain't doin Shit"

Originated in the town of Sussex which is located in Wisconsin. The term reefers to the words you yell while in the act of throwing a (usually large) object through your or a coworker's/bosse's office window (most commonly in an industrial environment).

-To add effect-
-from a high office overlooking work floor

-illegaly be in the building

-before you quit

-in an abandon factory/building

-workplace of an ex

-after company does not make bottom line
boss- " DAMN WORKERS AIN'T DOIN SHIT!!!!!" (Dwads)
boss- (throws chair through window over production floor)
by jdshady October 18, 2011
{pronounced "duh-WAHD"} n. Abbreviated or censored version of the term dickwad.
Those Perez and Rudnak dudes are total dwads for scraping sites and breaking copyrights.
by jzsands August 24, 2006
One who is a dickwad, but shortened DWAD means the same thing.
dude why was he acting dwad lately?

by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009
Driving While A Douche.
"I just got cut off by a dude-bro in an affliction tee shirt talking on his Blackberry. DWAD."
by K-Wrecks! October 08, 2009
"Twat" - As said by 'Charles' in a text to speech Demo on the internet.

It is pronounced "Dwod" and should be said in a particularly high pitched and ridiculous voice.
"You are a dwad (brb)"
by Rapture October 27, 2006
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