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abbreviation: Direct Turd Vapour. A fart that is so rich and stinky that one is assured the stench emanates directly from a turd sitting near the anus. Traditionally, within an hour of D.T.V offence, the offender will be required to use the bathroom to evacuate the turd.
noun. Jerry's fart was so smelly, I was certain that it was D.T.V.

verb. Jesus Christ Jerry! Quit D.T.V.-ing over there!
by bunger15 June 05, 2010
Entertainment industry acronym for Direct To Video, can apply to any title not released in theatres before being released to buy or rent. Can be a perjorative for poor quality product.
"Heard about the new Katherine Heigl movie"?

"Yep, that shit's gonna be DTV, with a bullet".
by Satandog May 06, 2011
Dick Touch Vargina (DTV )
When you have been with a girl and shagged her. you "DTV" her..
by Will Dunlop November 07, 2009
A Group of people who has talent
and loves to make people laugh and Enjoy
Oh SHizzz! DTV IS on!! They are the shizz!!
by ismellgood July 27, 2007
Down to vibe
Bro #1: U dtv?
Bro #2: Hellz yeee
by BarryManillow February 07, 2011