1. Digital Subscriber Line
2. Dick Sucking Lips
3. Damn Small Linux
1. Person: "I finally have dsl now...fuck dial-up!"
2. Guy: "Damn Angelina Jolie sure has a nice set of dsl."
3. "You should try out DSL. A whole operating system in only 50mb."
by Arrowroot December 11, 2005
dirty slovakian lips
dude, iv got some serious dsl's!
by i missed out June 03, 2009
Damn Shitty Line- a reference to dsl internet. faster than dial-up but way slower than cable
man: Sweet now i got cable
friend: good that DSL was shit
by AlienIsGOD July 22, 2008
dsl means dick sucking lips. usualy refers to a female. a female with dsl usualy can suck dick really well and is used to it
dam that girl has dsl!
by monique March 24, 2005
Dicksuck Lane
Joey: Wow, my mom won't let me go out blazing tonight. What's wrong with her?
James: She must be a permanent resident of DSL.
by Leebro December 09, 2009
Damn Sexy Lips
Dick Sucking Lips
A damn fast internet connection
The guys really like my DSL.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
digital subscriber line
cable > dsl
by JiGZ April 20, 2004
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