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The unfortune result of a 1st time blumpkin giving person vomiting whilst trying to perform said act for the very 1st time. The reciever of the blumpkin usually ends up covered in the results.
Bob - dude i brought that skank Anne over and convinced her to give me a blumpkin

Tom - Sweet!!

Bob - Not really it was her 1st time and she ended up getting Blumpkin stage fright all over me

Tom - Shit that sucks

Bob- You're telling me!!
#blumpkin #blumkin #vomit #stage fright #shit
by AlienIsGOD February 12, 2009
Damn Shitty Line- a reference to dsl internet. faster than dial-up but way slower than cable
man: Sweet now i got cable
friend: good that DSL was shit
#direct service line #internet #cable #dls #computers
by AlienIsGOD July 22, 2008
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