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Dwarves Suck Cocks, a small group of "want-to-be" computer gaming , plastic gangsters.

Thought to be named after their creator DON S CORTESE, however this is a common misunderstanding as this was adopted to mask their common interests from public gaze.

At the first sigh of trouble the group is famed to forget their computer gaming activities and try to form a "daisy chain" of male copulation, whith the shorter ones using platform shoes or even stilts (in their leaders case) to be able to participate and the femals being issued with strap on attachments.
eg 1 "DOING THE DSC"- the act of having to squat ot kneel behing ones gay partner to become low enough to gain entry due to them being vertically challenged

eg2 "MAN I GOT DSC'ed" last night, this can mean either recieving a sloppy, low quality blow job off an italian midget who gargled before swallowing, or being gang raped by said midget and his freinds, as they will never be aggressive unless in superior numbers
by Silex the unstoppable August 10, 2011
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DSC, the abbreviated form of the group known as “Done School Crew,” or quite simply, “Done School.” The group is neither a gang, political group, nor business of any sort. The group is composed of ten young adolescents that strive for their most important values of happiness, friends, and getting fucked up. There is no particular message or mission embodied within DSC; only that these years with limited responsibilities are probably the most important years of any adolescent’s life. The group of young men originally are all from Whitby, Ontario. This small suburban community just east of Toronto has acted as the backdrop to the countless escapades and idiotic antics that this group has embarked upon. Over 80% of the members attended St. Matthews Catholic Elementary School in the North part of Whitby and grew up together forming the foundations of a long and trusted comradery. Certain members parted ways to other schools, as well as other countries for that matter. But it was in the year of 2005 that the group reunited solidifying their return and thus leading the way to the creation of the DSC.
Ever since then the group has been at full force in numerous activities throughout Whitby and the surrounding areas. Whether it was through juvenile usage of fireworks, countless intoxicating nights, or the crashing and rejuvenating of many lame and amazing parties, or the simple times when travelling to the local cheap pizza place to grab a quick slice and pop, the group has stuck together.
DSC has formed many friendships throughout the years and strongly advocates a policy of reinforced inclusion. What the group tries to get across to the public is that they do not stand for the “we-only-hangout-with-each-other” message unlike other groups. DSC members at anytime are not only encouraging of associating with others outside the group, but are proud and privileged to have such companionship among other groups around Whitby such as the .//, which is a group that DSC has had a friendly rivalry with for quite some time now (but can still out-drink them and that’s all that matters).
In the end, DSC represents what should truly be at the heart of every young adolescent’s viewpoint on life. Although half of the members reside outside of Whitby during the academic year, DSC still is a united force promoting friendship, having the best time of your life no matter what, turning negative situations into positive ones, accepting of others regardless of anything, respecting authority to a certain extent, going with your gut instinct at all times, improvisation, embracing all elements of life, and above all else- marijuana and alcohol.

"Yo! I hear DSC outdrank and kicked the shit out of .// last night!"
by PMSAJMKSBH April 15, 2008
Distinguished Service Cross

The second highest decoration for a soldier to achieve in the US Military. The highest is the Medal of Honor. However, the DSC is a very high commendation that defines a true soldier.
"I bought a DSC at the gun-show this Saturday! ^.^ "
by Dave June 29, 2004
Dump Shower Combo. It describes the act of taking a shit then entering the shower immediately afterwards.
"What are you doing later?"
"Probably just gonna go home, take a D.S.C. and nap."
by Captain Jenkins October 21, 2011
Dirty Sexy Club Scene
Joe: Hey, did you see that DSCS in that movie the other night?
Mark: Yeah, man, it was HOT!
by kelsi747 June 09, 2011
In the PlayStation CRPG Saga Frontier, DSC does not mean 'Dream Super Combo' as erroneously reported by BradyGames' guide (and probably numerous others) but actually means Dangerous Suplex Combo. Nonetheless, it is a potentially devastating attack, but costs an exorbitant amount (18, to be specific, or 17 if one has the Mastery crown attained by equipping at least 6 physical techs and no magic) of WP (Waza Points, similar to the MP system found in many RPGs) and cannot itself link, or 'combo', with attacks from your other characters.

It is generally believed that Liza has the easiest time learning DSC, as it requires four Martial Arts skills to be 'equipped'--Sliding, Suplex, GiantSwing, and BabelCrumble. Once a given character has learned and 'equipped' those techs, the individual may use DSC in combat.
I totally pwned Diva with my 5-man DSC squad.

I've been at this for DAYS and Fuse STILL won't learn Sliding! I'll NEVER get DSC! D;<
by Eroneous Waylay April 16, 2009
"Dick-Shrinking Cold" → Refers to the low temperature levels at which the body decides to send blood to the local extremities, leaving none for where it really matters... =(
George, from the show Seinfeld, knows DSC first hand...

- Chick from Seinfeld: "Oh my God, I'm sorry, I thought this was the baby's room... (looks down) ... I'm really sorry."

- George: "I was in the pool!"
by G_CrAcKa88 December 14, 2010
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