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Dead Right There

Used by EMT's/Paramedics to describe a dead person that no treatment will bring back, thus being left in the position they were found for the coroner or funeral home.
He got hit by a truck and there's barely anything left. Definitely a DRT.
by NM 53 October 16, 2005
Initials refering to a unfortunate criminal.
Dead Right There
The homeowner shot the intruder and he was DRT.
by Andrew Russell February 06, 2004
In the emercency services sector ie fire,police,ems refers to a dead person ;means "dead right there"
What we got? the guys got GRS+2 (gun shot wounds,shot twice) he is DRT.
by trulov429 January 08, 2010
1.) "Dead Right There"

2.) The location of a dead body.
911 Dispatcher: Chicago Emergency, how can I help you?

Caller: Man, you'all gotta send da PO-lice.

911: What is the problem, sir?

Caller: There's a guy here that's D.R.T.

911: "D.R.T."?

Caller: Ya, Dead Right There.

911: The police will be on the way.
by Joe M. (feat. Christine Lebanon) December 27, 2004
Dead Right There, usually in a dramatic fashion like being hit by a bus or jumping off a building.
That guy jumped off the building and was DRT.
by City Pig July 10, 2009
it is a person that is a retarded penguin, or is a doctor/dentist that has no license.
Yo, that Dr. T was really funny.
by J bizzle January 22, 2004
a torture weapon used during a hellish classroom
hey, calm down or we will release Dr. T. into the classroom!!
by manpreet kajakaja March 21, 2006

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