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The real way to say drr. Only freaks like Manda say Derr.

It's drr.
Manda:Omg Taking Back Sunday Sucks.
by KageGamer February 15, 2004
15 22
An alphabetistic acronym (say as individual letters, not one word) standing for Doggett/Reyes Relationship. Used by X-Philes (fans of the TV show The X-Files) about the two characters Agent John Doggett and Agent Monica Reyes introduced in the final two seasons of the show. The relationship between the agents on the show was not a romantic or sexual one, so the term is used as conjecture, in fanfiction and online discussions.

1. My new fanfiction is really romantic, I thougt I'd show a new light to the DRR.

2. Doggett and Reyes may be the new faces of the X-Files, but not of UST, I say NO to DRR!
by Aoife303 November 21, 2006
13 7
Acronym. Daily Raid Rift.

(Game: Rift, Publisher: Trion)
"I need to do the DRR today for more inscribed sourcestones."
by Kiraine August 18, 2011
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