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Metaphor for the soothing effect that results from the use of an addict's drug of choice - Gregory Isaacs popularized this term with his 1982 reggae hit "Night Nurse"
Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse, oh gosh
Oh the pain it's getting worse

I don't wanna see no doc
I need attendence from my nurse around the clock
'Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

- Gregory Isaacs "Night Nurse"
by TeeGeeRoo August 23, 2010
Sunflower seeds used as a metaphor for bullets.
I'm spittin' pollaseeds on the porch with the torch
In case these niggaz come around to see the Porsche
When I brandish, motherfuckers vanish
I'm spittin' pollaseeds
I crack 'em one by one
'Cause I don't wanna be greedy
Because these niggaz is salty, they'll make you choke
Oh oh, I'm spittin' pollaseeds
I'm spittin' pollaseeds
Dub Sizzla, dippin' on them 'draulics and D's
Spittin' shells at you niggaz like pollaseeds
-Ice Cube "Spittin' Pollaseeds"
by TeeGeeRoo October 10, 2015
(n.) A rule, charter, ordinance, or law used to effect a result opposite the intent of the rule, charter, ordinance, or law.

mistechnical (adj.), mistechnically (adv.) indicates that a rule, charter, ordinance, or law is, was, or will be used to effect a result opposite the intent of the rule, charter, ordinance, or law.
A good example of mistechnicality is the current use of copyright law: intended to protect individuals' creations from copying by large powerful entities (i.e. corporations), now used to protect corporations from having any competition from the individual.

It was mistechnical use of the law that won the trial.

The exective order promoting the employee should have been stamped by five officers, but, by negligence, it was only stamped by four, so the employee mistechnically didn't get promoted.
by TeeGeeRoo August 20, 2010
People who are actually varying degrees of pink.
Look at those white people coming back from the beach; they look like lobsters, not crackers.
by TeeGeeRoo August 23, 2010
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