(n) abbreviation: dollars
(v) to show contempt for one's own fetishism of commodities as a result of the alienation from the means of production
(adv) performed with deep contempt for one's fetishism of commodities
Samantha, the trendy Marxist, weeps herself to sleep as she clings, dolsly, her new Prada pumps.
by In-Lefty September 26, 2004

^ dieing of laughter .
i was dol-ing from that video !
by pinkpositive July 24, 2009
Drop Out Looser - Kids who drop out, or those people (usually guys) who try to get with (and usually do) younger girls.
Justin, a 21-year-old DOL who works full-time at Wal-Mart, is going out with Cindy, a 16-year-old high school sophomore.
by CP12 September 18, 2003
Doubled over laughing acronym. Used like lol!! Also, dolshic doubled over laughing so hard I'm crying!! Also, dolship, doubled over laughing so hard I'm peeing!!
That was hilarious!! Dol
by Chris with wit December 01, 2010
DOL :-



Tom:OMG my Girl friend is psycho!

Jim:DOL! i knew it
by rmldb94 December 08, 2009
Doh out Loud.

If you actually say "Doh" out loud while sitting home alone chatting with your online friends. And you might feel kinda stupid because your actually speaking with yourself.
You: How is it going? :)
Slut: I lost my mind D:
You: DOL xD
by wxjwe99 June 11, 2009
the greatest hiphop group in the world fro the poconos
i herd that guy willdabeast from d.o.l isnt really black
by god December 17, 2004

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